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How Conversion Rate Optimization-Mature Are You? [Infographic]

According to the eighth annual Econsultancy Conversion Rate Optimization Report released in October 2016, 55% of companies see “conversion rate optimization as crucial to overall strategy.”

Recognizing the importance of conversion rate optimization (CRO) and effectively utilizing optimization resources are two different things, though. It is, however, relatively easy to tell how CRO-mature your company is. read more

Tips to Improve Direct Response Landing Pages

Direct response landing pages take some work to get right, but they offer unique opportunities.

That is, if you control where the traffic comes from (e.g. an AdWords ad for a product trial, an email offer for a service, etc.) and your landing page is designed specifically for that offer, you have options to improve the page that would not exist for more “general” pages on your site. read more

Avoid the Top 3 Usability Testing Pitfalls

avoid the top 3 usability testing pitfalls

Usability testing is a very powerful tool, but it’s not a very versatile one.

Your web site exit surveys, as a source of data, can uncover commonly failed tasks, general satisfaction about the web site, and demographic information about your users. Your web analytics tool can, as a source of data, uncover effective marketing channels, help you find the top pages to fix, and assist you in spotting ideal candidates for split testing. read more

Why Split Tests Aren’t Enough: Meet the Tests You Should Be Running

whyy split tests arent enough

Online marketing has a range of tests.

The one that gets a lot of play and media attention is split tests, and with good reason – it’s a reasonably versatile, low-cost test, and you can apply it to existing pages and functions. However, if you’re launching something new or overhauling existing web site functionality, split tests will not be useful until the end of the process. read more