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Tips to Improve Direct Response Landing Pages

Direct response landing pages take some work to get right, but they offer unique opportunities.

That is, if you control where the traffic comes from (e.g. an AdWords ad for a product trial, an email offer for a service, etc.) and your landing page is designed specifically for that offer, you have options to improve the page that would not exist for more “general” pages on your site. read more

Personalization 101: The Least Online Marketers Need to Know

personalization 101

There’s this belief in the online marketing world that web personalization is synonymous to big data, and that you have to be an enterprise-level company to do it.

Chris Gibbins, Director of UX and Optimization at Biglight, clarifies that waiting until you have every bit of data from all channels before starting to personalize could be the worst approach. read more

Beyond Google Algorithm Changes: The Future of SEO

beyond google algorithm changes

Google has just changed how they treat redirects.

That doesn’t sound all that exciting, but in the SEO community, it’s kind of a big deal.

It used to be that 302 redirects – that’s the temporary kind – did not pass any link equity, only 301 permanent redirects did that. No “juice” flowed to the new page when the wrong redirect was used, much to the chagrin of non-technical web site owners. read more