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Latest Tips and Resources

Learning Google Analytics 4 and Other Google-related Tasks for 2021

For a lot of marketers, the turn of the year means prioritizing plans for the next months. For those who rely heavily on Google’s tools, there are always things to learn, but some of them are more pressing than others. Starting to get familiar with Google Analytics 4, exporting a pre and post-COVID Google Search Console data, and learning to optimize Core Web Vitals for Google search are 3 of the things digital marketers should consider prioritizing at the start of 2021. 

Conversion Rate Optimization in the New Normal

The CoViD-19 pandemic changed the landscape of business forever. It compelled customers to do most of their shopping online, thereby exacerbating the downtrend of brick-and-mortar businesses. On the flip side, e-commerce experienced an unprecedented boom. Business owners were forced to focus on building and improving their digital channels to serve both existing and new customers. There was increased interest in conversion rate optimization as a strategic initiative for sustaining the record gains experienced by online retailers.

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