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10 Techniques to Make Pricing More Appealing

10 techniques to make pricing appealing

The human brain hasn’t evolved in about 50,000 years. We still use the same brain hardware our ancestors used as hunter gatherers with finite resources, so we feel loss acutely.

Money is an artificial construct that lets us control resources – with it we can buy food, shelter, etc. We view money as a finite resource, so we experience spending it as loss of resource. And that experience maps to the same part of the brain that reacts to any kind of loss, including physical pain. read more

5 Web Navigation Mistakes That Are Costing You Conversions

5 web navigation mistakes that are costing you conversions copy

If visitors can’t find it, then it doesn’t exist.

Web marketers often get too caught up in the aesthetics of web sites that they forget about making it easy for users to find what they need.

Sure, a modern and professional look and feel is essential in earning web visitors’ trust. However, web design should support user tasks and not undermine usability and discoverability. read more

9 Things Online Marketers Need to Know About the Brain

People like to think they’re rational creatures. But they’re really not.

The human brain is on auto-pilot most of the time because the conscious part is expensive to operate.

So, in online marketing, it doesn’t make sense to try to appeal to the audience’s rational side. The parts of the brain that are mostly in charge are those responsible for … read more

FREE Webinar -The 3 Most Important Questions Every Landing Page Must Answer to Get More Conversions

the 3 most important questions your landing page must answer1

Raise your landing page optimization game before the year ends.

Join SiteTuners’s Marty Greif and LeadPages’s Bob Jenkins as they team up to show you how to convert more visitors to leads and more leads to customers with actionable optimization strategies and landing page best practices. read more