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LIVE rapid fire reviews, critiques and debates of YOUR websites!

Enter the virtual arena and witness an epic clash between two expert CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) gurus, engaging in a strategic battle of wits, sharing cutting-edge insights, and unveiling methods to supercharge your conversion rates. Explore innovative approaches, analyze your current strategies, and brace yourself for an exhilarating experience!

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Conversion Clash: Elevate Your Website’s Performance Live

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Concise Expertise: Dive into a power-packed, one-hour session with invaluable insights and strategies.

Real-Time Website Assessments: Experience live analysis of websites by Jeff Loquist and Shane Roberson, receiving tailored advice for immediate implementation.

Seasoned Mentorship: Benefit from Jeff and Shane’s wealth of experience and SiteTuners’ impressive CRO achievements, having delivered over $1 billion in client value.

Engaging Q&A: Interact with a CRO specialist, receiving personalized guidance to tackle your website’s unique hurdles. Designed for entrepreneurs, marketers, and web designers striving to revolutionize their online presence, this webinar is your key to learning from a top industry expert and gaining a competitive edge!

Contender Shane Roberson, Director of Optimization

Shane helps online businesses increase revenue by optimizing conversions through Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) without increasing inbound spending. He collaborates with companies to drive online conversions for e-commerce or lead-gen sites, utilizing behavioral psychology, UX, and a deep understanding of customers to increase revenue. As a result, most companies experience a significant boost of around 30% in revenue within the first 6-12 months! Increasing your conversion rate is the gift that keeps on giving. As inbound marketing costs continue to rise while the tracking regularly gets challenged with more laws and restrictions, we take full advantage of your current inbound traffic and maximize the return on your investment.

Contender Jeff Loquist, Senior Director of Optimization

As Senior Director of Optimization, Jeff works directly with clients. He also manages and mentors SiteTuners’ internal Optimization and Traffic Acquisition Teams, helping our Optimization directors and Paid Media team develop strategy and optimization techniques for clients. Jeff is a conversion rate optimization expert, entrepreneur, speaker, and seasoned veteran of the digital space, with more than 18 years of experience in all aspects of online marketing. With a strong background in e-commerce, paid media, SEO, and social media, he can develop and optimize the complete user journey, turning users into customers and ultimately advocating for brands. Jeff joined SiteTuners in 2018 when Sitetuners acquired his paid media company, Rougarou Studios, which he started after transitioning from a decade with BBQGuys.com as the Director of Marketing, where his duties included management of the Conversion, Content, and Traffic Acquisition teams, overseeing the Pay-Per-Click, Search Engine Optimization, Email, and Social strategies and discovering new avenues for driving revenue to the e-commerce websites. Jeff advocates for his customers with a solid leadership background and a passion for digital marketing. He looks to bring innovative ideas and techniques to help improve their experience and, through this, his customers’ bottom line.