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How Conversion Rate Optimization-Mature Are You? [Infographic]

According to the eighth annual Econsultancy Conversion Rate Optimization Report released in October 2016, 55% of companies see “conversion rate optimization as crucial to overall strategy.”

Recognizing the importance of conversion rate optimization (CRO) and effectively utilizing optimization resources are two different things, though. It is, however, relatively easy to tell how CRO-mature your company is. read more

Should You Be Using Google Tag Manager?

should you be using google tag manager

One of the great things that happened to online marketers over the past decade is the proliferation of tools.

Data that used to be exclusive to Fortune 500 companies became available to the general marketing community. Techniques like split testing became widespread. And recently, the ability to manage and enhance tools via tag management became just about free with Google Tag Manager or GTM. read more

Google Is Hiding More Data from Marketers – Here’s What You Can Do

In some ways, Google is a marketer’s best friend.

  • The company released a version of Google Analytics for free, ensuring more people can get web analytics data, including those who don’t necessarily want to spend on tools like WebTrends or Core Metrics.
  • They enriched Google Search Console over the years to walk marketers through search and crawl data, even the ones who don’t necessarily identify as webmasters.
  • They make search volume available through AdWords Keyword Planner, make cheap qualitative data accessible via Consumer Surveys, and generally provide more information about web sites than almost any other organization on the planet.

That said, in the past few years, Google has been cracking down on some of that data.

  • Data about keyword referrals are now generally gone, replaced in most tools by the ominous (not provided).
  • AdWords search volume is starting to become pay to play, with reports of volumes obscured for marketers who do not spend enough on AdWords.

This is a slightly different Google than the one that democratized web site tools and search data. As information becomes less available from big G, you need to adapt. read more

4 Standard Google Analytics Reports You Need to Start Using

4 standard GA reports

Google Analytics is extremely powerful when you’re familiar with the ins and outs: Advanced SegmentsGoalsAlerts, and a range of somewhat hidden functions.

That said, even basic familiarity with the tool can get you pretty far. If you’re trying to get started with Google Analytics, you can do a lot worse than start off with the most useful standard reports. read more

The Conversion Rate Optimization Reading List

There was a point when online marketing jobs were very separate.

  • search engine optimization (SEO) experts cared about how many people got to the web site,
  • web usability experts cared about whether those visitors left immediately because something was broken,
  • conversion rate optimization (CRO) experts cared about the set of those visitors who got to the cart, and
  • web analytics experts created reports about those visitors

There’s not one single event that led to tasks from those fields merging, but today, knowing just one aspect of online marketing just isn’t going to cut it. If you’re serious about conversion rate optimization, you’re going to need to pick up more than the traditional web site testing skills. read more

Google Analytics Dashboards 101: Spend Less Time Extracting Data, Get More Insights

GA dashboards 101-spend less time extracting data

Google Analytics is a pretty useful tool, especially when you’re …

You should spend most of your GA time with those items, and less time producing recurring reports and dashboards, especially when it’s one of those mandatory views and visits by month variety with no actionable metrics. read more

The Brick and Click Manifesto: Making the Most Out of Combined Offline and Online Businesses

brick and click manifesto

Purely online businesses have enough differences from strictly brick and mortar presences that a lot of people often forget about the potential synergy.

That’s a shame, because for those who actually have both, there’s a lot of cross-channel benefits to be had. From smart campaign links on posters and brochures to improving SEO in creative and unusual ways, there’s a myriad of ways to benefit from combining efforts on both channels. read more