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What Makes AdWords Campaigns Work?

adworks campaigns work1

There’s a fairly widespread view that AdWords campaigns are SEM functions or PR functions. They are that, too, but what some marketers miss is that they are conversion activities.

Getting people to click through from the ad to the page is a conversion. Getting the visitor from the landing page to the desired next step is a conversion activity. Completing the transaction with a user is a conversion activity. read more

Web Metrics for Beginners: Which Metrics Should You Be Paying Attention To?

web metrics for beginners

One of the great things about being a marketer for a small-to-medium-sized operation today is that you have access to all the data that only Fortune 500 companies used to have. It’s hard to believe now that Google Analytics with Content Experiments is so widely used that only a fraction of companies used to run clickstream tools AND split test tools – and that these used to cost tens of thousands of dollars to implement. Surveys used to cost an arm and a leg, but now you have a plethora of affordable options, including ones where a completed survey costs basically the same as a latte. read more

Free Webinar: [AdWords Training] The Two Fatal Remarketing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Everyone in online marketing knows how hard remarketing is – the ones who have never gotten the specialization required to start, the ones who have tried and failed, and the ones who get it right. Perhaps no one knows how hard it utterly is as the ones who do get it right – but it is important to get it right, because the opportunities are huge. read more

What Marketers Need to Know About Deep Learning and Google

Deep Learning.

During 2013’s PubCon KeyNote, Matt Cutts talked this up as one of the key things Google is using to improve search, particularly around having entities and voice search. Facebook AI director Yann LeCun indicates that companies like Facebook and Google will be relying on it more and more – Facebook for sorting items to show people, Google for self-driving cars. And after a somewhat long “AI winter,” companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and IBM are snapping up artificial intelligence and deep learning experts. read more