Happy New Year! A Look Back at 2012We’d like to thank friends, colleagues, and clients for making 2012 a blast.

We took a look at how you’ve been engaging with the blog the past year, and we figured day 1 of 2013 deserves a “Best of 2012.” So here are the conversion rate optimization blog posts that resonated most with our readers.

5. How an Earplug Company Increased Conversions by 150%
A case study about what Express Review was able to deliver.

4. It’s Not Conversion, It’s Conversions. Plural.
A look at the different conversion goals beyond the direct purchase.

3. Do Your Site Visitors Push Your Buttons?
Tim Ash’s coverage on best practices for Calls-to-Action.

2. Creating Offers That Work With Neuromarketing Secrets
Tim Ash’s review of how the brain reviews price points and offers – and what you can do to capitalize.

And that takes us to content you engaged with most the past year.

1. Go Beyond the Conversion with the Online Optimization Model
A discussion about acquisition, conversion, and retention and how the strategies for each will drive digital marketing plans.

Here’s to 2013!