automating your conversions with marketing automation6,000 and counting.

That’s how many marketing tools are out there today.

It’s hardly surprising that marketers like you and me are having a hard time choosing tools for our marketing automation stack. Here at SiteTuners, we’ve always emphasized the importance of simplifying choices to support decision-making.  So having thousands of marketing tools vying for attention is the stuff of our nightmares.

Effin Amazing CEO Dan McGaw is right to call it the “Stackapocalypse.”

And he wants to help you survive it.

Let’s face it: choosing from so many tools for marketing automation is just the beginning of your problems. You also want these tools to work great with others already in your stack. In most cases, a poor choice can be a costly one in terms of time spent and lost revenue opportunity.

Join Effin Amazing CEO Dan McGaw as he shares his ultimate marketing technology stack which has been proven to turn leads into conversions at scale. Whether you’re currently evaluating your stack or just looking to add a new tool to the mix, we think this webinar will be helpful.

Key Takeaways

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to integrate your stack for maximum marketing impact and minimum effort
  • Stack use cases including data enrichment, lead scoring, and workflow automation
  • The tool stack that drove record-breaking growth for Effin Amazing

July 19, Thursday
3PM ET / 12PM PT 

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