Month: October 2015

Solving Common Mobile Usability Problems

solving common mobile usability problems

It’s been 8 years since the iPhone launched. “Mobile usability” is actually something some sites are getting right – that was certainly not the case in the 2008 to 2010 phase, when that phrase was something of an oxymoron. But lo and behold, more and more marketers are getting the memo – more businesses have at least launched an m. presence, or a Responsive-Web-Design-enabled site. read more

Free Webinar – From Static Sites to 1:1 Personalization: How Marketers Can Impact Conversions

personalization webinar w evergage

Any online marketer’s goal is for the web site visitor to convert.

Evergage CEO Karl Wirth notes, however, that a lot of times, things don’t go our way:

  • Often, people will bounce after 5 seconds on the site
  • Only about 2% of visitors convert
  • We have low ongoing retention rates

He adds that this could be attributed to web sites’ failure to address the fact that each visitor is unique. Users have different roles and tasks and are at different stages of their relationship with you; hence, one generic experience for all won’t cut it. read more

1 Hour with Google Analytics: Getting the Basics Down in Just 60 Minutes

1 hour with google analytics

If you want to maximize the tool, Google Analytics gets pretty complex pretty quickly. But that shouldn’t stop you if you’re just starting to pick up new skills. Mercifully, within the bounds of Google Analytics, people can share how they filter information, how they run reports, how they use dashboards – if you’re new to GA, this can take you from 0 to 30, so to speak, fairly quickly. read more

Catering to Early Stage Visitors to Improve Conversions

Catering to Early Stage Visitors to Improve Conversions

Don’t propose on the first date.

In digital marketing, that translates to ‘don’t ask prospects to take your conversion action before they’re ready.’

As in personal relationships, online, you have to let visitors get to know you first. You have to make them see that you have what they’re looking for and that you’re trustworthy before you ask them to take the big leap with you. read more