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Personalization 101: The Least Online Marketers Need to Know

personalization 101

There’s this belief in the online marketing world that web personalization is synonymous to big data, and that you have to be an enterprise-level company to do it.

Chris Gibbins, Director of UX and Optimization at Biglight, clarifies that waiting until you have every bit of data from all channels before starting to personalize could be the worst approach. read more

Free Webinar – From Static Sites to 1:1 Personalization: How Marketers Can Impact Conversions

personalization webinar w evergage

Any online marketer’s goal is for the web site visitor to convert.

Evergage CEO Karl Wirth notes, however, that a lot of times, things don’t go our way:

  • Often, people will bounce after 5 seconds on the site
  • Only about 2% of visitors convert
  • We have low ongoing retention rates

He adds that this could be attributed to web sites’ failure to address the fact that each visitor is unique. Users have different roles and tasks and are at different stages of their relationship with you; hence, one generic experience for all won’t cut it. read more

Avoid 3 Common Technology Traps and Boost Conversions

avoid technology traps

Technology is your friend.

That’s what marketers say after they employ a largely tech-driven tactic that provides some lift. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the end of the story. Often, things that look simple — e.g., implementing pop-ups to capture email addresses for remarketing or enabling promo codes — can have unintended consequences. If you don’t think through the usability impact or downstream conversion effect, technology-driven improvements will often cause tough-to-diagnose pains down the line. read more

4 Ways to Optimize for Lifetime Customer Value

4 Ways to Optimize for Lifetime Customer Value

When most people think of conversion optimization, they usually think about turning visitors from searchers to purchasers. There’s a good reason for that – that aspect of conversion is both important and well-covered. However, there’s so much more to conversions than that first sale. If you stop your analysis there, you’d be missing out on all the potential sales from would-be loyal customers. And since it costs much, much less to retain existing customers than to get new ones, that’s actually a trade-off that few companies can afford. read more