Month: November 2014

How to Help Ecommerce Visitors Recover With 404 Page Design

How to Help Ecommerce visitors recover with 404 page design

By the time users get to your error page, you’re already struggling about goodwill.

It doesn’t matter whether visitors get there via some old page they bookmarked, a referral from another site to a page that no longer exists, or some internal issue on your site. What matters is that now, your site’s user is upset. If you think dealing with a neutral visitor with the attention of a lit match is difficult, just imagine how much harder it is to deal with that same user now that he or she’s annoyed. read more

How the Canadian Anti-Spam Law Affects You – And What You Can Do to Keep Your E-mail List Clean

How the Canadian Anti-Spam Law Affects You

The marketing world’s abuzz with talk of how apps are killing the e-mail channel. However, Craig Swerdloff, Senior Vice-President of E-mail at Experian Data Quality Solutions and CEO of LeadSpend, says this is overkill. E-mail is healthy and robust, is still used as the primary communications channel, and isn’t going away anytime soon. read more

Feedback and Usability: 3 Ways to Get Visitors to be (a Little) More Patient

3 Ways to Get Visitors to be a liitle more patient

Online visitors have the patience of a lit match, but there are dozens of ways to deplete their patience even faster. And while the obvious solution is to speed up your web site, the fact is, world-class speeds are not always practical – mirrored servers can break your budget, minified javascript can be complex to introduce and maintain, and sophisticated database calls just plain take a lot of time. read more

How User Research Can Help Your Conversion Process

Alfonso de la Nuez, UserZoom co-CEO, notes that user experience is about aligning what you’re building internally with what users generally need. With most users on multiple devices, this has gotten more complex. Just getting navigation and search right for a product can be cumbersome, especially with designers and developers thinking they know what they’re building. read more

If You Must Tweak Your Way to E-Commerce Success, Then Pay Attention to These Two Steps

if you must tweak your way to ecommerce success

Some websites are so broken that tweaks really aren’t the best approach. Yes, you can split test your way into some minor gains, but if most of your users can’t GET to your product page, or at least not the right one, then boosting conversions on product pages by single-digit percentages isn’t going to make anyone very happy. read more