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Optimizing A Lead Generation Website: Best Practices to Generate More Leads

In order to be successful in business-to-business (B2B) marketing, it is essential to have a lead generation website. A lead generation website is a website that is designed to capture leads from potential customers. The goal of a lead generation website is to convert visitors into leads, and then ultimately into customers. In this post, we discuss how to optimize a lead generation website for maximum effectiveness.

8 Customer Reviews Best Practices to Optimize Conversion Rates

People are social animals, and we use reviews as a shortcut to decision-making. User reviews reduce the customers’ anxiety and increase trust that what they will receive will match the product description and image. However, it’s easy to get reviews wrong even if you have them on your site. In this post, we discuss how you can make reviews obvious, honest, and usable. Plus, learn how you can nudge customers to leave feedback on your site.

25 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips for E-commerce Websites in 2022

The pandemic increased the number of people who shop online. However, it has also forced brick and mortar companies to invest in their digital presence, increasing overall competition and driving acquisition costs up. With more competitors, e-commerce companies need to use more conversion rate optimization strategies to get more visitors to act when they do get to the website.

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