The 3 Website Conversion Pillars

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There are 3 critical website messaging pillars that reduce bounce rates and improve conversion, regardless of what you are selling.

No website can succeed without mastering these pillar questions every visitor has, that must be addressed within seconds.

Answering these questions correctly will create trust and engagement.

In this webinar, you will:

* Learn the 3 critical questions
* Learn to create your own answers
* Learn three techniques you can immediately implement on your website to increase conversions and revenue.

Join Martin Greif, President of SiteTuners, and DJ Sprague, Chief Marketing Officer for Shopper Approved, as they walk you through the steps needed to increase your conversions.

Presented by Martin Greif, President, SiteTuners

Martin Greif is a conversion rate optimization expert, author, speaker, entrepreneur, senior executive, team leader and the kind of guy who likes to see everyone win. He brings more than 25 years of sales and marketing experience to his role at SiteTuners, where he is responsible for driving revenue growth, establishing and nurturing partner relationships, and creating value for SiteTuners’ broad customer base.

In addition to running SiteTuners’ day-to-day operations, Martin also represents SiteTuners by speaking at industry events worldwide. If you would like Martin to speak at your event, schedule a call with him today.

Martin joined SiteTuners in 2013, following a 10-year stint as President of PrivacyPartners, a company he founded in 2003. Over the course of his career, he has served in executive-level sales and marketing roles at COMTEX News Network, Microsystems Technology, INSO Corporation, CompuServe and Cullinet Software. He is a former board member for DocuVantage Corporation, the Association for Information and Image Management and ObjectWorld Corporation.

Martin is known for being a strong leader, excellent team builder and a man of his word. Colleagues and clients have called him “a straight shooter,” “tenacious and loyal,” and “easy to work with.” He has a knack for understanding people and developing long-lasting professional relationships. Martin brings passion, creativity, and a great sense of humor to every business challenge.