Preezie Webinar Adapt The In Store Experience For ECommerceWith the shift towards online transactions due to COVID-19 comes the influx of shoppers who are unfamiliar with ecommerce. These are the folks who’ve never been that comfortable with buying things online. They’re used to the guided selling experience of a physical store. 

Imagine their confusion when they try to buy something from a website where they have no one to rely on but themselves to find the right products. 

Without guidance, first time shoppers are unlikely to be successful in their purchase journey. Even worse, they might become frustrated by their difficulties and distrust your website and brand.

So if you want to earn the business of this customer segment, you need to provide them with a familiar shopping environment. A guided online selling experience supports new shoppers in their decision-making through their entire customer journey: from product discovery to product selection and ultimately, conversion.

Join Preezie in a free webinar on building a seamless and flawless eCommerce experience for your customers. In this webinar, Preezie CEO and founder Michael Tutek will show you how to bring the physical elements of the in-store guided selling experience to your online channels.

About the Presenter:

Michael Tutek is the CEO and Founder of Preezie, the world’s first guided conversion and product discovery platform. At Preezie we believe the online shopping experience should be the same as in-store, so we build the tools and provide the education to bring the in-store sales assistant experience online. 

June 17, 2020, Wednesday
11:00 AM ET / 8:00 AM PT

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