Month: March 2016

Tim Ash to Keynote on Mobile Conversion at Affiliate Management Days SF

amdays16 tim ash keynote

We’re closing in on a decade since the iPhone launched.

Mobile user experience, formerly as real as flying pigs and unicorns, is now a reality. Or at least, it’s a reality for some web sites.

We say some because in the rush to launch a mobile-friendly interface, a lot of sites gutted web usability in the process, crashing and burning their way into “mobileness.” read more

Let’s Debunk Split Testing Myths

debunk split testing

Sometimes, technology changes faster than our operating knowledge about how the world works, or the terms we use to describe our environment.

Take “long-distance” calls, for instance. When we first started using the term, the equipment used for local calls and long-distance calls were different, and the payment schema reflected that. VoIP changed that, but long-distance as a concept is still something we cling to (and some providers are happy to charge us for). read more

Avoid these 6 Mobile Mistakes

avoid these 6 mobile mistakes

Mobile experiences are tough to get right, and even for seasoned pros, mistakes are very easy to make.

  • If you fail to account that users might be in motion, you might think that your small text size is not an issue.
  • If you fail to account for a thumb being significantly less precise than a mouse, you might think your small call-to-action (CTA) is just the right size.
  • If you fail to account for slower connections, you might think your images don’t bog down loading speed at all.

These differences are important.

And regardless of whether you’re solving for mobile using Responsive Web Design (RWD), adaptive layouts, or a mobile version, it pays to have a checklist of issues you can run into – even if you’ve been careful. read more