Month: January 2015

New(er) Low-Cost Website Testing Tools

New Low-Cost Website Testing Tools

Testing is extremely important to the success of any marketing campaign. Here is a selection of several tools to help you test your website effectively.

Most digital marketers agree on the importance of website testing in conversion rate optimization. And with tools like Optimizely and Google Experiments, testing has become much easier and more approachable to many organizations. If you’re looking to get started, have unique testing requirements, or are simply shopping for a new testing tool, here’s a list of lesser-known options that might fit the bill. read more

4 Ways to Optimize for Lifetime Customer Value

4 Ways to Optimize for Lifetime Customer Value

When most people think of conversion optimization, they usually think about turning visitors from searchers to purchasers. There’s a good reason for that – that aspect of conversion is both important and well-covered. However, there’s so much more to conversions than that first sale. If you stop your analysis there, you’d be missing out on all the potential sales from would-be loyal customers. And since it costs much, much less to retain existing customers than to get new ones, that’s actually a trade-off that few companies can afford. read more

4 Google Analytics Improvements to Kick Off the Year

4 google analytics improvements to kick off the year

The new year is officially here, and for many businesses, it’s a time to reflect on what did and did not work in the past, and plan for the future.

One of the things that a lot of companies can improve on is how clickstream tools like Google Analytics is used – often, the tool is just there, providing out of the box reports and answering the most basic of questions. (How many page views did we get last month?) read more