Writing Killer Conversion CopyThe brain can only pay attention to so many things, and online, everybody’s screaming for attention.

So how is it possible that simple tweaks to headlines can make people pay attention, often with double digit click-through lifts? What makes the best copy writers able to consistently provide that lift?

Brian Massey has spent years answering that question, quantifying what makes copy work, and tying the techniques to research about the brain.

The good news is that for copy that makes people pay attention, the brain’s key areas almost always react the same way – and if you know what the key areas’ filters are, it will get easier for you to get past them. Knowing the bouncer’s blind spots gets you into the club.

The bad news is that you might need to rethink writing altogether – from an unstructured creative act to one that usually deals heavily with how the brain is structured. If you’ve never heard of Broca’s area or Wernicke’s area, and how those filters decide which words make it to the brain’s section for speech, prepare to have your views on writing web copy overturned.

Writing Killer Conversion Copy with Brian Massey

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