Month: December 2014

3 Online Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2015

3 Online Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2015

The new year is just about here.

In many ways, the online marketing community has never been stronger. Online marketing has made great strides in the democratization of tools – Google Content Experiments and Optimizely come to mind, but there are a lot of areas where sophistication that only belonged to Fortune 500 companies before can be had on the cheap. Smartphones helped make new services possible – store locators, one-touch dial from web sites, and so on. read more

15 Conversion Posts for 2014 You Must Read

15 Conversion Posts for 2014 You Must Read

Think back to the year Netscape launched in 1995, and popularized the internet. Try and remember what surfing the web was like back then – recall how no two sites worked the same way, how elements that serve the same functions were in different places and looked nothing alike, and how there’s no usable search engine to make sense of it all. Now think back to 2002 – sure, plenty of web sites still did random things, but the web had done some growing up: standards had been developed, and things were more organized. read more

When NOT to Test: 5 Conditions That Make Website Testing a Bad Idea

when not to test

There are numerous benefits to testing in online marketing. However, testing isn’t everything. And it’s critical for marketers to remember what it is and what it isn’t.

Testing is a way to validate the ideas for conversion rate improvement that you deploy on your site. That’s it. Testing just tells you if you’ve made a good decision, but it doesn’t give you the ideas. read more

Are Tablets Hurting Your Site’s Usability?

are tablets hurting your site usability1

Tablets are, in many ways, a nightmare for a lot of retailers.

Don’t get me wrong, smartphones ultimately made the expectations tougher for everyone. However, optimizing for a four-inch screen is ultimately very different from optimizing for 19 inches and up. Say what you will about how difficult it is to create a good smartphone experience, but the tasks for mobile phones are often different enough from desktops that the changes you’ll often need to make are obvious. They won’t always be easy to execute on, but the compromises you’ll need to make will be clear: read more

Why Visual Design Should Come Last: 6 Steps to a Conversion-Focused Redesign

why visual design should come last

Everyone has a visual opinion because 90% of the information coming to our brain is visual, and 50% of our brain hardware is designed to process visual information.

So, everybody feels that they’re qualified to opine about the design of your page or your site. Remember, though, that prioritizing visual design is similar to deciding what color to paint your bathrooms first when you’re remodeling your house. read more