From Big Bang Data to Actionable Analytics-1Let’s face it, the data Big Bang has happened. Your metrics are scattered around the galaxy. From Google Analytics to Facebook Ads, customer info to inventory stats. Looking through your data measurement telescopes, you quickly recognize the familiar stars and large planets within your vast data galaxy; their surface metrics are very familiar.

How are successful organizations making sense from this mess of a galaxy? The metrics that lie just beneath the surface, awaiting your discovery, will provide actionable earthly insights to truly skyrocket your business.

In this webinar, MashMetrics founder Thomas Bosilevac and SiteTuners Director of Optimization Eric Itzkowitz will share a proven Data Management Plan which you can use to build meaningful constellations from all your stars to create your own Big Bang in 2019.

December 12, 2018, Wednesday
2PM ET / 11AM PT