context-and-the-power-of-framingIn most marketing communities, it’s okay to say it out loud – people are irrational online, including us marketers. It’s not some great failing – that’s how the brain works. We can rationalize after we make decisions, but the number of options we compare before deciding to click-through to something or not is zero.

Mentally, the most heavy-lifting we do – if you can call it that – is that we do a quick check if something looks off. So why do tons of marketers still insist on performing marketing for a rational, calculating brain?

The good news is, once you embrace the fact that people are irrational, you can behave rationally about marketing to them. You can use techniques like framing and anchoring, you can use visual bias to get your point across, and you can apply tested methodologies that work – and if you need to learn more about those, Tim Ash’s webinar with UserTesting has you covered.

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