Facebook Ads WebinarYou know that the more targeted your advertising, the higher the chances of your audience converting.  But how do you reach the right people in what Dennis Yu, founder of BlitzMetrics, dubs as the new e-mail engine – Facebook?

According to Dennis, for your Facebook advertising efforts to be effective, they have to have layers that correspond to the stages of the sales funnel. Page post ads -the base layer- drive awareness of your brand, sponsored stories pique the audience’s interest, while custom audience targeting drives people all the way down the funnel.

Learn how to make and stack these layers.  Join Dennis Yu in the “651% ROI from Facebook Ads–Behind the Curtain of Top Campaigns!” webinar, as he logs into live Facebook campaigns to show you how to use Facebook advertising techniques and tools:

    • Uploading  existing customer lists into Facebook  and using them for remarketing
    • Re-using existing assets for your advertising and lead generation efforts
    • Targeting  by customers’ online purchasing behavior, lifestyle, and job roles
    • Refining your ad’s audience
    • Using Search Ads to get more traffic, and
    • Getting the most out of your Facebook ad budget

When using Facebook, it’s important to go beyond branding and engagement, although those are important. You need to make sure you\’re utilizing everything it offers to target segments you really care about; deal with the segments within the different stages of the funnel, and transform the face of your digital communication strategy.

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