Month: February 2015

Uncovering New Optimization Ideas Through Google Analytics

If you’re looking for new ways to optimize conversions on your site, customized reports from Google Analytics may be able to help.

Running out of ideas to increase conversions? Google Analytics (GA) is your friend. But you have to know where to look. Using the standard “out of the box” configuration of GA will give you some great insights, but taking the time to do a little customization can unlock more data, more reports, and more ideas for optimization. read more

5 Surprises Online Shoppers Love to Hate

The easiest way to get visitors’ attention is to use the element of surprise. The human brain actively scans for changes in the environment, so anything unexpected instantly piques their interest.

There are delightful surprises, but there are also unwanted and annoying ones. And if you’re operating an e-commerce site, you better make sure you’re only giving potential customers the former and none of the latter. read more