Month: May 2016

Why Split Tests Aren’t Enough: Meet the Tests You Should Be Running

whyy split tests arent enough

Online marketing has a range of tests.

The one that gets a lot of play and media attention is split tests, and with good reason – it’s a reasonably versatile, low-cost test, and you can apply it to existing pages and functions. However, if you’re launching something new or overhauling existing web site functionality, split tests will not be useful until the end of the process. read more

The Brick and Click Manifesto: Making the Most Out of Combined Offline and Online Businesses

brick and click manifesto

Purely online businesses have enough differences from strictly brick and mortar presences that a lot of people often forget about the potential synergy.

That’s a shame, because for those who actually have both, there’s a lot of cross-channel benefits to be had. From smart campaign links on posters and brochures to improving SEO in creative and unusual ways, there’s a myriad of ways to benefit from combining efforts on both channels. read more

How Complete Is Your Online Marketing Technology Stack?

how complete is your online marketing stack

All businesses with an online presence have their priorities. But as companies mature, the technology needs trend toward the following things:

  • Deploy page edits and changes to the site quickly, without needing to edit hundreds of pages for things that need to be rolled out to the entire site
  • Store and track leads all the way to the sale
  • Make hot leads “pop” without manual digging, so you can identify prospects regularly
  • Ensure that you can track all the significant behaviors on the site, and that you can deploy changes to the tools without needing to contact IT

A lot of that turns out to be sequential.

You wouldn’t worry about changing the way your tracking tools work if you can’t edit the web site quickly and do something about the data; you wouldn’t worry about identifying which of your prospects are hot if you can’t store and track your leads. read more