Month: February 2016

Split Testing 101: Google Content Experiments for First-Time Users

split test 101

Split-testing may be intimidating initially. But after your first three months of testing pages, you’ll look back at the time you weren’t testing and note how it all feels so … primitive.

It’s one of those tectonic marketing shifts, like the first time you’ve set up an analytics tool on your site to see what visitors do, or the first time you’ve set up a survey on your site to ask what visitors think. read more

3 Questions Your Page Needs to Answer for Visitors to Convert

3 questions your page needs to answer

People visit web pages because they have some sort of problem to solve.

And to assess whether a page they land on is going to get their needs met, they instantaneously go through this checklist:

  • Am I in the right place? (Does this match my intent?)
  • Do I feel good about this site? (Is this site trustworthy?)
  • What am I supposed to do here? (What do I click on to move forward?)

Visitors have to be comfortable with the answers to these questions before they move further down the conversion path. read more

On-Site Search in Google Analytics: Get the Not-So-Obvious Intent Data You Need

onsite search in GA

You have two sources for visitor intent:

  • What you can guess from data that’s attached to their visit, like whether they’ve been referred by social media or a display campaign
  • What the visitor tells you directly or indirectly

Data attached to the visit is fine, and it’s very useful.

Still, there’s nothing quite like your visitors telling you what they want. And there are two key avenues where visitors tell you exactly what they are trying to find: read more

Prevent these 3 Types of Errors that Tank Conversions

3 types of error that tank conversions

There are 3 types of errors in online marketing:

  • Minor, accidental slips that users make (e.g. choosing an end date that is earlier than the start date)
  • Major mental model mistakes users have about the interface (e.g. making wrong assumptions about how a booked flight is changed)
  • System errors

Sometimes, your visitor will live through one of these and still convert. If all three happen relatively often, however, your conversions are probably tanking hard. read more

6 Persuasion Techniques You Need to Arm Your Site With

6 persuasion techniques

Most people have an operating theory of free will – we have particular tendencies, but for the most part, we make our own decisions based on rational options.

Robert Cialdini, author of Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, is one of the people who wanted to know just how true that is. The general verdict is, there are a lot of areas where free will isn’t a thing – our brains take shortcuts and make irrational decisions. read more