Zero-Click Website: B2B PersonalizationB2B personalization can be a pain.

While at the consumer side of things, personalization can be narrow and shallow, business to business customizations tend to be broad and deep. How do you create relevant, personalized experiences when roles, verticals, company sizes, and distribution models all factor in?

How do you prioritize which area to “anchor” personalized content on, and how do you tell which types of primary intent are most associated most with certain types of visitors?

Personalization is easy when all you have to do is serve location-relevant content, a stored position in a cart or funnel, or a choice between a phone number or a free trial as determined by business size. But the difficult things matter – and that\’s where the business is.

Join Tim Ash, CEO of SiteTuners, and Greg Ott, CMO of DemandBase, as they show you how to get your boot wet. Listen in as they provide details about serving relevant experiences to your visitors.

You’ll learn what B2B companies like yours can do to customize everything from value propositions to offers, based on the unique needs of your users as determined by their roles, business sizes, and unique personas.

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