Month: December 2015

A/B Testing Basics: Take 30 Minutes and Get Started with Split Testing

ab testing basics

If you’ve never tried running A/B tests, the good news is that it takes about half an hour to set up a split test, and it’s free.

Commonly used free tools like Google Analytics already support this function. What was once in the province of larger companies with conversion budgets is now available to everyone with half an hour to learn, the ability to edit pages for a web site, and a little bit of HTML knowledge. read more

Our Top 15 Posts for 2015 – and the Skills You Need to Pick Up for 2016

top 15 posts for 2015

2015 is a big year for changes in online marketing.

So the online marketing space is both growing and changing rapidly.

Marketers are also changing.

The specializations are no longer as defined. Search specialists, conversion professionals, UX practitioners, and web analytics gurus are all playing in the same arena. All these fields now connect to, and affect, one another. read more