Month: May 2015

What will conversion rates look like in 2020?

The resounding chorus you hear in the online marketing industry is that smartphones don’t convert. Or at least, they do sometimes, but the conversion rates are horrendous. In 2013, studies like this one pegged mobile phone conversions at 0.5% (one in every 200 visitors converts). Desktops posted a decent 2.5% conversion (one in every 40 visitors converts). read more

Don’t Fall for the 3-Click Trap! Why More Clicks Can be Good for Web Usability

If you’ve been working on online marketing for a while, you have probably heard of the three-click rule. In case you haven’t, it’s primarily based on the work of Jeffrey Zeldman, who theorized that the tolerance web users have for navigation is three clicks to get to what they need – regardless of where they landed on your site. The theory goes something like this: read more