Month: October 2016

Should You Be Using Google Tag Manager?

should you be using google tag manager

One of the great things that happened to online marketers over the past decade is the proliferation of tools.

Data that used to be exclusive to Fortune 500 companies became available to the general marketing community. Techniques like split testing became widespread. And recently, the ability to manage and enhance tools via tag management became just about free with Google Tag Manager or GTM. read more

Personalization 101: The Least Online Marketers Need to Know

personalization 101

There’s this belief in the online marketing world that web personalization is synonymous to big data, and that you have to be an enterprise-level company to do it.

Chris Gibbins, Director of UX and Optimization at Biglight, clarifies that waiting until you have every bit of data from all channels before starting to personalize could be the worst approach. read more