Month: July 2016

4 Things to Think About When Choosing Your CMS

4 things to think about when choosing your cms

Conversions are at the intersection of “wetware” and hardware.

Psychology and the social sciences limit the amount of effective strategies available to marketers when getting visitors to convert.

The technology limits the number of tools in the box. Companies without good testing platforms, marketing automation, internal search engines, eCommerce, and analytics will be at an extreme disadvantage in a space where most players have those readily available. read more

What Makes AdWords Campaigns Work?

adworks campaigns work1

There’s a fairly widespread view that AdWords campaigns are SEM functions or PR functions. They are that, too, but what some marketers miss is that they are conversion activities.

Getting people to click through from the ad to the page is a conversion. Getting the visitor from the landing page to the desired next step is a conversion activity. Completing the transaction with a user is a conversion activity. read more