Month: June 2016

Google Analytics Dashboards 101: Spend Less Time Extracting Data, Get More Insights

GA dashboards 101-spend less time extracting data

Google Analytics is a pretty useful tool, especially when you’re …

You should spend most of your GA time with those items, and less time producing recurring reports and dashboards, especially when it’s one of those mandatory views and visits by month variety with no actionable metrics. read more

Google, Machine Learning, and Marketers: The Least You Need to Know

google, deep learning & marketers

Ask almost any SEO what Google uses to rank web sites, and you’ll get roughly the same answer:

  • Google has over 200 ranking factors, and their relative weights are unknown to the public.
  • Google runs thousands of experiments, so those weights move around.
  • Sometimes engineers at Google can confirm things, like page speed being a factor.

Google has worked roughly that way for a while now – putting different ingredients into the recipe via a test, then checking if people like the result. (Good results: users don’t pogo stick back to the search results page after clicking on a result, high click-through rate without changing the query, etc.) read more