Month: July 2015

Tim Ash to Speak on Irrational Neuromarketing at HostingCon 2015

tim ash at hostingcon 2015

If your offers are laid out to appeal to the customer’s logical brain, you’re barking up the wrong tree. We like to think we make decisions rationally, but we don’t.

Join SiteTuners CEO Tim Ash at HostingCon 2015 to learn the real decision-making process. You’ll take away strategies on persuading the irrational brain and understand how you can use … read more

SEO versus UX: Are the Two Fields Frenemies?

seo vs ux

When someone mentions UX, the association is usually good – you’re crafting great experiences for people who matter. Google searchers seem to regard it pretty well:

By the way, the one thing that looks bad there, “user experience is like a joke,” isn’t a bad thing at all. It finishes, “if you have to explain it, it must not be very good.” read more

7 Deadly Sins of Mobile Web Design

7 deadly sins of mobile web design

We at SiteTuners get it – it’s tough to build great mobile experiences on top of creating usable desktop designs. We respect many of the sites we will cite in this post greatly – we appreciate the sites that get even half of these things right. That having been said, we’ve all had 8 years to grapple with smart phone experiences, and flaws like the ones you’ll find below will be forgiven less and less by your users. read more