Month: June 2015

Search Phrase Targeting is Dying – What Do You Need to do to Adapt?

These past few years have not been kind to “old school” search engine professionals.

Let’s clarify that a little bit – the SEOs who are building communities and answering questions in the best possible way, the ones who go out of their way to create a good user experience around a topic (coincidentally, those also sound like really good conversion professionals, or good usability experts) – those SEOs are fine, and doing better than ever. read more

Web Metrics for Beginners: Which Metrics Should You Be Paying Attention To?

web metrics for beginners

One of the great things about being a marketer for a small-to-medium-sized operation today is that you have access to all the data that only Fortune 500 companies used to have. It’s hard to believe now that Google Analytics with Content Experiments is so widely used that only a fraction of companies used to run clickstream tools AND split test tools – and that these used to cost tens of thousands of dollars to implement. Surveys used to cost an arm and a leg, but now you have a plethora of affordable options, including ones where a completed survey costs basically the same as a latte. read more

Mary Meeker 2015: What Marketers Absolutely Need to Know About Internet Trends This Year

Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends presentation is almost peerless in the space. Nothing brings together developers looking for opportunities and threats, online marketers looking to assess prioritization, and business owners reassessing their strengths and weaknesses quite like the Kleiner Perkins deck. In many ways, it’s a SWOT analysis of the industry. read more