FREE Webinar: How to Leverage Visitor Behavior and Social Preferences to Drive Conversion

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visitor behavior webinarPeople are hard-wired to be tribal. That’s not a knock on us - that ability to lock onto a community has served us pretty well. That predisposition is something marketers can tap into to gain significant advantages.

The principle may be basic, but tapping into people’s tribal mindset is not a trivial task. You have to build a community of people with similar interests, and next, you need to make sure they can collaborate regarding their shared interests in optimal ways, both for them and for your business. Even in the age of social media, that’s no easy feat.

There’s a lot you can work with to get insights about people’s behaviors, social preferences, and triggers, and there are plenty of ways you can use those insights to create a better user experience.

But first, you need to know where to look.

Join Evergage CEO Karl Wirth, as SiteTuners hosts him on a webinar, to learn how you can combine social media and personalization to help your shoppers.

"How to Leverage Visitor Behavior and Social Preferences to Drive Conversion"

Thursday, Dec. 4, 2014 , 10:00am