Hands-on Workshops to Improve Your Digital Marketing

Marty presenting to a group

Martin Greif

Digital Marketing Keynote Speaker & Expert

With years of experience in Digital Marketing, Sales and Marketing Management, Martin can create the exact custom workshop designed for your audience. Just let him know what you are looking for and what your goals are. Or you can choose from one of his standard workshops.

“It is easy to recommend Marty as an educator, partner and expert consultant for all things conversion rate optimization that improve sales. His direct, informative and entertaining teaching style enables easy adoption of the material.”
Nicholas Gantenberg, Ph.D.
Digital Marketing Consultant, BraveWeb LLC a WSI firm

“We were introduced to Marty and by implementing his suggestions, our conversion rate doubled. That’s after only implementing a third of what he suggested. Marty is very tuned in to our needs as entrepreneurs – I would highly recommend Marty!”
Juliette Samuel
CEO, Founder at Nyraju Skin Care


The following workshops may be presented in a 4-6 hour format, typically to groups of 10-40 people.

Martin specializes in creating custom workshops. Just let him know what you are looking for and what your goals are, or choose from one of his standard workshops. And yes, even these options can be customized for your audience.

  • A Crash Course in Conversion Rate Optimization – Hands On

How much money are you losing with poorly performing websites and landing pages?

Changes in website efficiency can dramatically improve the profitability of your online marketing programs. This fast-paced and practical hands-on training will provide you with a crash course in conversion rate optimization (CRO). Noted digital marketing expert and SiteTuners President, Martin Greif, will help you to improve conversions by teaching you how to identify and fix your conversion barriers. Using the Touch Point Principle as a framework for understanding your audience from a user-centered design perspective will ensure that you will consistently get more of the right people through the right activities in the right order.

Short lecture segments will alternate with practical hands-on work. Participants will complete exercises to apply key concepts to their specific situation.

Who Should Attend:

  • CMO’s
  • Marketing directors
  • Online media buyers
  • Webmasters &web designers
  • SEO & PPC specialists

What You Will Learn:

  • An overview of conversion rate optimization
  • How to uncover the conversion barriers in your business
  • How to apply the Touch Point principal
  • Understanding key decision-making steps to provide the right content at the right time
  • A process for creating user-centered websites
  • Using ROI to Close the Deal

It’s all about economic value.  Whether you are selling to a company or selling your project ideas internally, know the economic value of your digital marketing is the first step towards success.  

So how do you determine economic value?  First off, you need to understand the value of your conversion goals whether they are sales, leads or subscriptions.  Armed with this information, and a calculation on Lifetime Value, you can then start to gain agreement for your digital marketing proposal.  In this session participants will learn:
  • How to calculate the economic value
  • How to determine the correct KPI’s to measure
  • How to deconstruct digital marketing efforts to determine the effectiveness
  • How to build out a digital marketing plan to focus on high-value activities
  • How to gain approval to move the plan forward

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“Martin gave a fantastic full-day presentation regarding Conversion Rate Optimization. He is a very engaging speaker and I learned a lot from him in a short amount of time. He motivated me to take action.”
J. Todd McCarty
Principal, Digital Marketing Strategist, WSI Marketing Upside

“Marty’s extensive experience and expertise in web development and conversion optimization make him an incredible asset for any business serious in increasing it’s bottom line. “
Zhenya Beck
Co-founder at Freightera.com