Tim Ash to Keynote the Integrated Marketing Virtual Conference

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Despite the dizzying pace of advances for the technology-laden side of marketing - from marketing automation to multi-device tracking, from basic clickstream tracking to personalized conversion-centered campaigns, one thing anchors our efforts as marketers - the brain. Specifically, the fact that the brain hasn’t changed very much in the past tens of thousands of years.brain buy button

So while near-ubiquitous access to internet from multiple devices has certainly changed the game, we’re ultimately dealing with triggers and mechanisms that have not evolved for 50,000 years. What human brains have had for a while now is three distinct, decision-making bodies - in essence, the reptilian brain, the Paleomammalian brain, and the Neomammalian brain. And while the Neomammalian brain is newer and more advanced, the reptilian brain is basically the “bouncer” - it decides which things the two other brains can process.

This structure has huge implications for marketing. Understanding the three brains is one of the cornerstones of neuromarketing. And if you want to learn more about the science, as well as the practical applications for your landing pages and your overall messaging strategy, Tim Ash will cover the customer's subconscious when he keynotes the Integrated Marketing Virtual Conference

Tim's opening keynote: 

"Why They Buy: Hacking into your customers’ subconscious to market smarter and drive sales"

August 7, 2014

10:15 AM ET to 11 AM ET