Case Study: 50% Increase in B2B Lead Generation from a Simple Homepage CTA

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Case Study - TandbergTandberg, a leader in the field of teleconferencing, was looking for an answer to an “old school” business need: generating leads. Tandberg’s online presence was well established, but there was room for improvement when it came to getting end users to take the first step towards engagement with the company when online. Following a recent acquisition by Cisco, the company’s audience base and core demographics had shifted slightly, and the website hadn’t kept pace with the new messaging requirements. Leads were down, online conversions were poor and Tandberg needed help developing a strategy that would stimulate online engagement, generate qualified new leads and ultimately increase sales.

Case Study - Tandberg

SiteTuners came to the rescue with a one-two punch. Recognizing that a large percentage of traffic was entering the site through the homepage, SiteTuners’ first step was to develop a strong homepage call-to-action that encouraged visitors to watch a ‘Video Buying Guide’ with tips on assessing videoconferencing platforms.  Step two was to perfect a landing page for the offer that appealed to a broad audience representing a range of technical understanding, industries, and native languages. The page, a lead generation form, needed to quickly sell the benefits of the Video Buying Guide while establishing a sense of trust that would minimize visitors’ reluctance to submitting the form.

Prior to the SiteTuners engagement, Tandberg’s traffic was averaging 15,000 visits a day, with only 200 to 300 of those per week converting into action. Incoming traffic came largely from internal links on the Tandberg site, links from the Cisco website, and organic SEO.

Incorporating stylebook requirements from the client, SiteTuners created several landing page designs, including both one-step and two-step solutions, each with a range of column choices.  Over the next several months, SiteTuners rotated the landing pages, conducting an A/B split test of the redesigns against the original landing page to ascertain which was the most effective.  After this test cycle, a clear winner emerged and was implemented permanently on the site.Case Study - Tandberg Test Options

The results of SiteTuners’ work for Tandberg were powerful: the CTA established on the homepage was Tandberg’s best performing CTA ever, and the new creative on the landing page increased lead generation by 40 to 50% over a test period of 30 days.  The optimization of Tandberg’s landing page by SiteTuners had given them an important edge in making first contact with users during a time of transition in their niche.  

Case Study - Tandberg Test Winner