Month: February 2017

5 Web Navigation Mistakes That Are Costing You Conversions

5 web navigation mistakes that are costing you conversions copy

If visitors can’t find it, then it doesn’t exist.

Web marketers often get too caught up in the aesthetics of web sites that they forget about making it easy for users to find what they need.

Sure, a modern and professional look and feel is essential in earning web visitors’ trust. However, web design should support user tasks and not undermine usability and discoverability. read more

3 Essential Usability Tips for 2017

3 essential usability tips for 2017

Early in the year is a good time to step back from the crazy rush of quarterly reports, hitting all the required conversion metrics for the year, and just … SEEING if the web site works.

That’s not in the “does my web page load quickly on desktop and mobile” sense, but in the “is it actually usable for my target audience” sense. Every web site has usability issues. The key is to eliminate the crippling usability issues that keep your audience from performing the actions that you want them to perform. read more