Who Are We?

Why We Do What We Do

We all know through painful firsthand knowledge that the Internet is littered with horrible and alienating web experiences. But it does not have to be this way.

So we have become fearless advocates for the perspective of your visitors, and work tirelessly to become fluent in all of the nuances of your business. Only then can we design new persuasion experiences that can unlock the full potential of that relationship.

We are keen listeners who seek to serve and to understand – not disciples of typical “greedy marketing” who just want to extract the quick buck from the unsuspecting fools who visit your website.

We want to make the web a better place for your customers and your business.

It is worth fighting for!

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How We Got Started

Let us tell you our story…

Our founders have been involved in Internet marketing since 1995. Like many others in this burgeoning field, we began by building websites for others, and driving traffic to them.

It was exciting because even the smallest nuances of online campaigns could be measured and improved! At first, we managed large-scale pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns for dozens of clients.

Then one day we decided to put our own money where our mouth was, by paying for traffic and becoming a “super-affiliate” ourselves. We would get paid commissions only if our traffic resulted in sales on our partner’s landing pages, and we made a lot of money doing it.

However, that’s when the trouble started.

We knew that the traffic we were delivering was high quality, but the results of some campaigns were underwhelming. So we started to look beyond the traffic, and realized that the real problem was the horrible state of the landing pages downstream.

That was the “a-ha!” moment…

We focused on fixing the landing pages, and we found a lot of common issues. Almost all of the websites that we drove traffic to were focused exclusively on the company – and not the needs of the visitors. They were not designed to persuade, but rather to bombastically proclaim how great the company was. The poor website visitor was an afterthought, and was left out in the cold.

After the wild success of our new and improved landing pages, many of our affiliate partners begged us to help them improve their other web experiences.

So we closed our business…

We sold off our PPC accounts to other PPC management agencies. And we even stopped driving traffic as a super-affiliate. Our exclusive focus became conversion rate optimization.

We had found our passion!

The world was full of awful corporate websites, and frustrated and confused web visitors wandering in the wasteland. It became our mission to make the online world a better place. That was in 2002…

Since then we have worked with over 1500 companies around the world and across all industries to create more than $1,200,000,000 in revenue by tirelessly focusing on the website visitors. We hope that you will join us – come on in, the water is fine!

Our Team of Experts

Our goal is simple – we want to serve.

Serve both your website visitors, and your business. Expect enthusiasm, clear perspective, a willingness to teach and share, a sense of humor, and complete honesty from us always.

We will understand the strengths and constraints of your business – including its operations, organization, and culture. We love collaborating with you and your team to get meaningful work done, and look forward to working with you every day.

We are deeply committed to helping you grow your online business.

Meet the Executive Team

  • Tim Ash

    | President & CEO

    • 2nd-6th Favorite Bands

      The Eagles, Pink Floyd, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Michael Franti, Rolling Stones
    • Stuff He Cares About

      Not screwing up his kids too much, Salsa dancing, making fine-art photography, daily Tai Chi practice by the Pacific Ocean.
    • Movies That Have Lasted

      Saving Private Ryan, Good Will Hunting, Moscow Does Not Believe In Tears, Memento
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    Tim Ash is the author of two bestselling books on Landing Page Optimization (translated into six languages), and CEO of SiteTuners, a strategic conversion rate optimization agency with offices in San Diego, and Tampa. Tim has developed deep expertise in user-centered design, persuasion and understanding online behavior, and landing page testing. In the mid-1990s he became one of the early pioneers in the discipline of website conversion rate optimization.

    Over the past 20 years, Tim has helped a number of major US and international brands to develop successful web-based initiatives. Companies like Sears, Google, Expedia, eHarmony, Facebook, American Express, Canon, Nestle, Symantec, Intuit, Autodesk, Yahoo! and many others have benefited from Tim’s deep understanding and innovative perspective.

    Today, in addition to providing strategic consulting services, Tim is a highly-regarded digital marketing keynote speaker and presenter at industry conferences worldwide including Content Marketing World, DreamForce, Inbound, Internet Retailer, Affiliate Summit, Shop.org, PubCon, SMX, and countless others. He is the founder and chairperson of the international Digital Growth Unleashed event series (formerly Conversion Conference) and a frequent contributor to print and online publications such as ClickZ, Website Magazine, Visibility and others. Since 1995, he has authored more than 200 published articles. In addition, Tim is the online voice of conversion optimization as the host of the Landing Page Optimization podcast on Cranberry.fm. Tim has been mentioned by Forbes as a Top-10 Online Marketing Expert, and by Entrepreneur Magazine as an Online Marketing Influencer To Watch.

    Tim earned a dual-major Bachelor of Science degree “with highest distinction” in Computer Engineering and Cognitive Science from UC San Diego while studying on under a UC Regent’s Scholarship (the highest academic scholarship awarded by the UC system). During his PhD studies at UC San Diego he also earned his Master’s degree in Computer Science.

  • Robyn Benensohn

    | Chief Operating Officer (COO)

    • 2nd-6th Favorite Bands

      Stones, Beatles, Talking Heads, CSNY, Krishna Das
    • Stuff She Cares About

      Yoga, Cycling, Animal Welfare
    • Movies That Have Lasted

      Pulp Fiction, Harold & Maude, Life of Brian, Austin Powers, Young Frankenstein
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    Robyn is responsible for overseeing all operations and client work delivery at SiteTuners. She has over fifteen years of experience using the Internet to improve business, originally with the Department of Defense/ARPA to develop interactive, realtime multimedia wargames that were played over the Internet.

    Prior to co-founding SiteTuners, Robyn co-founded and served for seven years as the COO of Future Focus, an Internet business acceleration firm. She has held technical and managerial positions at AGE Logic (purchased by NetManage), Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC), and Scripps Institute of Oceanography (SIO), and has led the development of multi-million dollar custom software applications for the Internet.

    Robyn has a broad-based background in the technology sphere including project management, product development, marketing, technical support, training, and system design. She holds a B.S. degree in Astrophysics (yes she really is a rocket scientist!) from U.C. San Diego.

  • Martin Greif

    | Executive Vice President

    • 2nd-6th Favorite Bands

      The Beatles, Queen, Yes, Dean Martin, Panic At The Disco
    • Stuff He Cares About

      My Family, Being a Freemason, Global Warming
    • Movies That Have Lasted

      Being There, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, The Hangover I, II, III
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    Martin Greif is a conversion rate optimization expert, author, speaker, entrepreneur, senior executive, team leader and the kind of guy who likes to see everyone win. He brings more than 25 years of sales and marketing experience to his role at SiteTuners, where he is responsible for driving revenue growth, establishing and nurturing partner relationships, and creating value for SiteTuners’ broad customer base.

    In addition to running SiteTuners’ day-to-day operations, Martin also represents SiteTuners by speaking at industry events worldwide. If you would like Martin to speak at your event, schedule a call with him today.

    Martin joined SiteTuners in 2013, following a 10-year stint as President of PrivacyPartners, a company he founded in 2003. Over the course of his career, he has served in executive-level sales and marketing roles at COMTEX News Network, Microsystems Technology, INSO Corporation, CompuServe and Cullinet Software. He is a former board member for DocuVantage Corporation, the Association for Information and Image Management and ObjectWorld Corporation.

    Martin is known for being a strong leader, excellent team builder and a man of his word. Colleagues and clients have called him “a straight shooter,” “tenacious and loyal,” and “easy to work with.” He has a knack for understanding people and developing long-lasting professional relationships. Martin brings passion, creativity, and a great sense of humor to every business challenge.

  • Eric Itzkowitz

    | Director of Optimization

    • 2nd-6th Favorite Bands

      Metallica, Chris Cornell, Bad Religion, Guns N' Roses, Bob Marley
    • Stuff He Cares About

      Family, health, surfing, entrepreneurship, delicious food, jiu-jitsu, our oceans
    • Movies That Have Lasted

      Star Wars, The Goonies, A Christmas Story, North Shore, Office Space, Full Metal Jacket
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    Eric is an innovative digital marketer and e-commerce professional with 20 years of hands-on and strategic experience. His expertise in SEO, PPC and email, as well as affiliate and social media marketing gives him a diverse perspective on how to convert more of the right prospects into paying customers.

    Through his work in various in-house executive marketing roles and as a freelance marketer, Eric has been a catalyst to accelerating website traffic, driving new revenue and increasing customer satisfaction and lifetime value.

    Eric earned a B.S. in Business Administration (Marketing) and a Minor in Economics from San Diego State University.

    Today, Eric has the same passion for digital marketing and e-commerce as he did when he first began his career. And he embraces the constant learning and collaboration required to be considered a true digital marketing expert.

  • Snejana Norris

    | Director of Optimization

    • 2nd-6th Favorite Bands

      Beatles, Journey, Muse, Neon Trees, U2
    • Stuff She Cares About

      Nature conservation, hiking, yoga, salsa dancing
    • Movies That Have Lasted

      “Some Like It Hot”, “Working Girl”, “Vicky, Christina, Barcelona”
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    Snejana is a digital marketer with over 10 years of experience in lead generation and acquisition marketing. She drove growth for all online marketing channels at companies like QuinStreet, HomeGain and LendingTree. She has a passion for innovation and optimization.

    Snejana has a journalism degree from Moldova State University and was an award-winning TV journalist in Eastern Europe. Some of her stories aired on CNN. She also studied as a visiting scholar at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism under legendary investigative reporter Lowell Bergman, the journalist who broke the tobacco scandal and was played by Al Pacino in “The Insider”.

    Today Snejana is applying her investigative skills to marketing, figuring out what’s not working in the conversion funnel and how to improve it.

  • Stacey Mason

    | Director of Optimization

    • 2nd-6th Favorite Bands

      Queen, Jim Croce, Beatles, Eagles, Steppenwolf
    • Stuff She Cares About

      My children and their futures, Mississippi State Baseball (my son is on their baseball team), Florida State University Football (my daughter attends FSU), Love to read in my spare time.
    • Movies That Have Lasted

      Green Mile, A Few Good Men, The Castle, A Nights Tale
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    Stacey is a detail-oriented digital marketer with over 20 years of tactical and strategic experience. With both technical and marketing experience, she is able to bridge the gap between vision and hallucination. And as we all know vision is based upon reality; she’s that practical!

    As a strategic marketing professional, Stacey has helped create multi-million dollar companies and revenue streams. She has the unique ability to assess requirements and create products and marketing campaigns to address real client needs.

    Stacey earned a B.A. in Engineering Technology from the University of South Florida. Having worked her way through college at Busch Gardens, Stacey not only earned her degree, but also appreciates the effort needed for anyone to do it on their own. This is the earliest example of Stacey as a very motivated self-starter.

    When not working, Stacey enjoys traveling which is easy for her as both her children earned college scholarships! So instead of spending money on college, she can spend the time and money visiting both her very motivated and accomplished children.

Want To Join Our Crew?

We are only looking for truly exceptional people.

Please conduct the following personal inventory (and be brutally honest – no one is watching):

  • I passionately care about my work
  • I am thirsty for knowledge and always looking to improve
  • My enthusiasm and can-do attitude is felt by everyone around me
  • I often ask for clarification and am not afraid to get help when I need it
  • I am able to hold and reconcile diverse and competing perspectives

Were you a strong “yes” on all of these? If so, we want to talk to you.

Next – let’s talk about the environment and culture a bit.

Here’s what you won’t get:

  • The expectation of insane work hours or a driven culture with no work-life balance (do your best at work, but please leave it at the door and enjoy your nights and weekends)
  • The expectation that you have to play cornhole and drink craft beers with your workmates on a regular basis (we assume that you have a meaningful life outside of work)
  • The joys of open-concept floorplans (We believe that you should be able to close your door and concentrate, or call clients instead of hunting around for an open conference room.)

Here’s what you can expect:

  • To be treated with respect and offered real responsibility
  • Working on your own schedule, as long as the work gets done
  • The ability to work occasionally from home, or even completely remote (if you are not in our San Diego or Tampa offices)
  • Interesting and challenging work, and constant opportunities to learn new things
  • The chance to work with some very cool and smart people on the cutting edge of online marketing
  • The ability to take personal time off whenever the need arises
  • Restaurant birthday lunches for the whole staff and occasional off-site activities for fun celebrations

You’ve read this far. Could there be a match in the works?…

We might have some immediate openings – we are always on the lookout for quality people. So please drop us a line to YouWantMeOnYourTeam@SiteTuners.com with your resume, and a description of the kind of situation you are excited about.

Conversion Optimization Specialist

SiteTuners is seeking an exceptional conversion optimization expert to work with clients in identifying opportunities and proposing solutions to increase client online conversion rates. In this role, you use your strong working knowledge of conversion optimization best practices in site aesthetics, usability, and marketing to evaluate existing website effectiveness and propose elements of improved user experiences. Additionally, you’ll be developing visitor scenarios to guide site design and information architecture recommendations.

Web Conversion Designer

SiteTuners is seeking a passionate and experienced visual designer to create the best converting web user experiences for our clients. The work ranges from small businesses with tactical single‒page needs, to large corporations conducting complex whole-site redesigns. You will use your experience to create the wireframes and mockups of landing pages that support the client’s business goals and improve the efficiency of their online operations.

With A Little Help From Our Friends

We are laser-focused on what we do best – being your catalyst and partner for faster digital growth.

So we can’t (and shouldn’t) “do it all”.

The are way too many agencies that proclaim that they are “one-stop shops” for all things digital. In our experience, the reality is very different. Inevitably there are weaknesses and areas of compromise in their game. Often, new services are added simply to increase their share of your wallet.

We would rather bring world-class specialists in as partners when needed, and offer you the absolute best in every area.

If we are comfortable with the services offered by a partner company (a very high bar), and have battle-tested the relationship by working on joint clients, we will make the introduction.

You will work with the partners directly, but we will make sure that the expectations are clear, and that they fit into the larger strategy that we have developed with you. We will be there to guide, and assure that you get maximum value and excellent follow-up from anyone whom we introduce you to.

Are you interested in becoming a SiteTuners partner? 
Find out more…

We are hoping to find more great partners to help our clients!

If your agency or service can increase the efficiency of an online business, there may be a good fit for partnering.

Here are some of the screening criteria that we use:

  • Your technology is widely applicable across online businesses
  • The quality of the service is consistent (ideally technology based)
  • Your business model is flexible and allows us to start with a pilot project
  • You serve similar clients and have documented public case studies
  • You are an established and stable leader in your field
  • You are responsive and professional in all of your interactions

If this sounds like you, please email our EVP Marty Greif (he oversees our partnership program) with the details of how you see us working together, along with your responses to the points above.

Want To Become a Partner? +

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We serve clients all over the world from our two main offices – although a majority of our people work remotely.

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