SiteTuners Company Fact Sheet

History & Background

SiteTuners was launched in 2004 as a division of EpicSky, Inc. EpicSky ran large-scale pay-per-click traffic acquisition campaigns for dozens of clients, but over the years the company realized that the the traffic it was sending to its clients' websites wasn't converting efficiently. SiteTuners was created to address this problem.

Today, SiteTuners' sole focus is landing page optimization and testing. The company has extensive expertise in both e-commerce and lead generation websites, and works across a range of vertical industries.

Overview of Services

SiteTuners offers a suite of consulting services to optimize various aspects of an organizations's website. Examples include:

  • Single landing pages with trackable actions
    • Purchase (catalog pages and sales checkout)
    • Form-fill (lead generation form or request for information)
    • Free download (of information or software trial)
  • Sequence of pages and/or full sites
    • Multi-step checkout processes
    • Site usability, navigation and architecture

SiteTuners works with clients to diagnose landing page and website conversion issues, provide best-practices advice and/or redesign services, develop test plans and work with in-house teams to develop their skills and expertise in the area of conversion rate optimization.

Conversion Technology

SiteTuners offers tools to assist online marketers with landing page design and multivariate testing:

  • Attention Wizard - a low-cost heatmapping tool that can diagnose visual distractions and predict eye tracking patterns on a web page or design mockup
  • TuningEngine - a proprietary mutlivariate testing technology for running high data-rate tests with millions of variables and interactions

Thought Leadership

  • SiteTuners is co-founder of Conversion Conference, the first world-wide event series focused exclusively on the discipline of conversion rate optimization
  • SiteTuners CEO Tim Ash is author of the book "Landing Page Optimization", which has sold tens of thousands of copies in multiple languages around the world