Month: August 2015

E-commerce Optimization: Tactical Tips for Selling More This Holiday Season [Free Webinar]

Holidays are coming, but chances are your e-commerce site isn’t ready.

And it’s probably not because of a single major flaw on the site, but because of a multitude of little friction points between the customer and what they want to buy – from a cluttered, scrolling homepage, to challenges in locating the right products, submitting a payment, and finalizing the order. read more

Is Web Usability a Google Search Ranking Factor?

web usability & google search ranking

Most online marketers have too much going on – attempting to keep pay-per-click campaigns profitable, trying to create content that aids Search Engine Optimization (SEO), tweaking the web site to present information better, improve the User Experience (UX) and lower the bounce rate, managing mobile variations or Responsive Web Design (RWD) projects, running split and multivariate tests to improve conversion rates – the list can be daunting. read more