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Online Persuasion: Insights from Neuroscience + Evidence from A/B Testing

Wednesday, November 7th

1 pm pst / 4 pm est


To convince your visitors to take action, you first have to know which secret buttons on their brains to push.

Carrot on a stick

By understanding how your customers' minds treat incoming information, you will be better equipped to create landing pages and marketing messages that influence website visitors to complete your conversion action.

In this webinar, author and conversion rate expert Tim Ash will give you a framework for persuading online visitors based on how the human brain functions, perceives the world and makes decisions. Afterwards, Optimizely CEO and co-founder Dan Siroker will show how these principles can be translated into ideas for testing highly persuasive offers that capture your visitors' attention and make them want to engage.

What You'll Learn

  • The function of the three brains and their effect on online experiences
  • Tips for using visuals on your website and landing pages
  • Key findings from neuroscience and human psychology that can increase conversion rates
  • How to use online persuasion principles for creating and testing compelling offers
  • Testing techniques based on successful A/B tests gathered from over 100,000 experiments

Join in to learn these simple, proven ways
for using online persuasion strategies to
fuel your conversion efforts.

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About Tim Ash

Tim is CEO of SiteTuners, a landing page optimization firm. SiteTuners has worked with over 850 clients, including Google, Facebook, Nestle, Intuit, American Express, Verizon Wireless and Texas Instruments. Tim, a highly regarded presenter and keynote speaker, has presented at a wide range of events, such as Search Engine Strategies, PubCon, eMetrics, SMX, Internet Retailer, Affiliate Summit and LeadsCon. Tim is also a regular columnist and podcaster and is the author of the best-selling book Landing Page Optimization.

About Dan Siroker

Dan Siroker is the Co-Founder & CEO of Optimizely, a dramatically easier way to A/B test a website. The inspiration for Optimizely came from Dan's work as the Director of Analytics for the Obama Presidential Campaign and Deputy New Media Director for the Presidential Transition. Before Optimizely, Dan co-founded an online math game for kids called CarrotSticks. Formerly, he was also a Product Manager for Google Chrome and AdWords. Dan graduated with Honors from Stanford University with a B.S. in Computer Science.