Uniblue Case Study

24% Lift on an Already-Optimized Page

The Registry Booster product from Uniblue diagnoses and fixes "registry" problems that lead to PC performance slowdowns and crashes. The company offers a free scan of a PC's registry to diagnose problems. The audience hitting the landing page was very well qualified, and were coming from an informational website that discussed potential registry problems in detail. The landing page had been previously optimized and tested by the client and was an excellent performer with a 30.31% conversion rate from visitor to "free scan" software download. The goal of the SiteTuners engagement was to improve the conversion rate even more.

The Engagement

SiteTuners identified eleven variables that might improve performance. These included the page structure, page header, headlines, sales copy, call to action, graphics, button text, and button format. For each variable, the original version was included in the test, along with one or more alternatives.

The eleven variables tested resulted in 3,110,400 unique versions of the site. The best version was quickly identified with SiteTuners' proprietary Tuning Engine technology. This scale of test would have been impossible to conduct in a reasonable timeframe by using other tuning methods like A-B Split or Multivariable / Taguchi testing (which are typically limited to a maximum of a few dozen unique site versions).

The Results

Over the course of the engagement, SiteTuners was able to zero-in on a number of successive "champions" that performed significantly better than the original "baseline" version of the site. At the end of the test, the best champion was run head-to-head against the baseline, and showed a 24.38% lift in conversion for a stunning 37.69% download rate. These results were obtained with a large amount of data and were statistically rock-solid. The bottom line impact of this change on Uniblue was a over $182,850 annual profit improvement.