Stratfor Case Study

81% Increase in Email Captures

Stratfor is one of the top sources for unbiased intelligence and analysis about events that may affect the world economy and balance of power. The site operates on a flat fee subscriptions basis. The Strafor home page shows the latest information and articles in an online, newspaper-like format. When a visitor clicks on the article they are taken to a "barrier" page and asked to enter their email address for free access to the rest of the desired content. The goal of the SiteTuners engagement was to improve the conversion rate by increasing the number of visitors that entered their email address on the "barrier" page.

The Engagement

SiteTuners identified eleven variables that were able to take on 33 different values that might improve performance. For each variable, the original version was included in the test, along with one or more alternatives.

The eleven variables tested resulted in 103,680 unique versions of the "barrier" page. In order to find the best performing page, SiteTuners' proprietary Tuning EngineSM technology was used. This scale of test would have been impossible to conduct in a reasonable timeframe by using standard tuning methods like fractional factorial Multivariate / Taguchi testing (which are typically limited to a maximum of a few dozen unique site versions).

The Results

Over the course of the engagement, SiteTuners was able to zero-in on a number of successive "challengers" that performed significantly better than the original "baseline" version of the site. At the end of the test, the best challenger was run head-to-head against the baseline for one week, and recorded a statistically rock-solid 81% increase in conversion rate.