Real Age Case Study

Annual Profits Increased by $2.6 million has developed a unique test that determines the biological age of your body based on how well you have maintained it. The whole business depends on the number of people who sign up for the free RealAge Test. RealAge spends a significant amount of money to drive paid traffic to a landing page that encourages people to take the free RealAge test. Before engaging SiteTuners, the company had already conducted several champion/challenger and multivariate tests in order to improve the conversion rate of the landing page. SiteTuners was brought in to see if we could "squeeze a little extra juice" out of the existing design.

 The Engagement

SiteTuners identified ten variables on the RealAge case study that might improve performance. For each variable, the original version was included in the test, along with one or more alternatives.

The ten variables tested resulted in 3,265,920 unique versions of the site. SiteTuners' proprietary Tuning EngineSM technology was used to find the best alternative design. This scale of test would have been impossible to conduct in a reasonable timeframe by using standard tuning methods like A-B Split or Multivariable / Taguchi testing (which are typically limited to a maximum of a few dozen unique site versions).

The Results


Over the course of the engagement, SiteTuners was able to zero-in promising alternative page designs that performed significantly better than the original "baseline" version of the site. At the end of the test, the best challenger was run head-to-head against the baseline, and showed a 8.6% lift in conversion rate. The bottom line impact of this change on RealAge was a $2,615,070 annual profit improvement.