Engine Ready Case Study

51% More Revenue per Visitor

EngineReady is a leading provider of pay-per-click (PPC) campaign management tools, as well as a full-service PPC campaign management agency. The company was managing a large monthly PPC budget to drive traffic to a single landing page for a client in the debt negotiation industry. The goal of the campaign was to generate qualified leads. Two distinct conversion actions were possible: the completion of an online form, or calling a tool-free number.

The Engagement

SiteTuners developed a test plan with seven distinct variables, and 192 unique alternative versions ("recipes") of the landing page. Because phone-in leads were worth a different amount than the online form-fill leads, the optimization metric for this engagement was revenue per visitor, and not simply conversion rate. This allowed SiteTuners to make sure that maximum value was being extracted from each visitor. Separate toll-free numbers were created for each recipe, and qualifying calls were counted as phone-in leads. During the first portion of the test, SiteTuners zeroed-in on the best performing recipe in the test.

The Results

At the end of the test, the best challenger was run head-to-head against the original baseline, and showed a 51% lift in revenue per visitor. The revenue impact of this change on EngineReady's client was an estimated $48,000,000 annual improvement.