Case Study

32.54% Conversion Improvement is home to the Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential (MAPP) personality and career aptitude test. After a visitor takes the MAPP Assessment, they receive a free sample report and 5 job matches, with the option to purchase more comprehensive reports. Jobseekers can learn about their strengths and motivations from the career assessment report, and also access their own unique job matches. The whole business depends on the number of people who take a free test and subsequently purchase the full report after seeing the edited result. The goal of the SiteTuners engagement was to increase the percentage of visitors who completed the free test.

The Engagement

SiteTuners identified 11 different elements, or variables, that can take on 42 different values, for a total of 1,296,000 unique versions of the landing page. In order to find the best performing page, SiteTuners' proprietary Tuning Engine technology was used. This scale of test would have been impossible to conduct in a reasonable timeframe by using standard tuning methods like A-B Split or parametric Multivariable / Taguchi testing.

The Results

The best challenger landing page was tested head-to-head against the original baseline version. A challenger recorded a statistically rock-solid 32.54% increase in conversion rate over the original.