Video Interview with Tim Ash on the Infusionsoft Blog

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SiteTuners' CEO Tim Ash talks about the importance of a great landing page in this episode of Infusionsoft's "What's Your Story?" 


Infusionsoft: Tell us about your business.

Tim Ash: We specialize improving the efficiency of landing pages of websites.

Infusionsoft: How do landing pages work? 

Tim Ash: Landing page is a kind of a broad definition. It's not necessarily just dedicated pages for a campaign; it's any page where you land traffic. It could be the homepage of your website, and basically everything has to pass through them. You want that lead, you wanna automate all that marketing, you have to get the e-mail address. So unless you can get me to act on the page, nothing else is gonna happen.

Infusionsoft: What's the best part of being an entrepreneur?

Tim Ash: The best part of being an entrepreneur for me, I run an agency, is that we get to pick our clients; 'cause we don't work with everyone, so I enjoy everyone that I work with genuinely. 

Infusionsoft: How does Infusionsoft help your business?

Tim Ash: You can see the kinds of things they're downloading and personalize the rest of the experience for them. But also, you just think about it as a two-step process. You have to open up the top of the funnel, and get their e-mail, get their information, and open up the the bottom of the funnel by doing the market automation. But you can’t just fight with one hand behind your back; you can’t just do marketing automation. So you have to also have a good website experience. 

Infusionsoft: Success means...

Tim Ash: Not being in business. Spending more time with my family and with my close friends.