Tim Ash Brings the Irrational Brain to Brazil

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Thanks to everyone who caught Tim’s session at eCommerce Brasil. For everyone else, we hope you find the reactions and summary useful.

Photos grabbed from Marcio Hiroshi Okabe. Check out the complete set.

It was a great session, and if social media reactions are anything to go by, the messages really struck a chord.

*The event Congress e-Commerce and Sales Search Brazil 2013 was incredible. A talk by @ tim_ash was phenomenal!

*It's irrational! Selling to the illogical brain will bring results @ tim_ash great talk and wonderful insights eCommerce_Br @ # serchevendas

Here are some key takeaways:

*@tim_ash people like to belong to "tribes" and care more about people of the same tribe.

*Remove the rotating banner on your site. @tim_ash guarantees the site will sell more.

*@ tim_ash We anchor expectations on the first thing we see. Show the highest first! SHOW!

*@tim_ash People do not like to make decisions. Give SIMPLE choices for visitors to the site!

Next up: The Biggest Conversion Conference in San Francisco.