Take Your Content Marketing Program to the Next Level

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The old divide was search engine optimization. There were people who understood link values and on-page factors and how information architecture worked. They got found by Google and Yahoo! which at the time weJoe Pulizzi's Booksre nearly synonymous to the “web,” and everybody else had to step up their game or become dinosaurs.

Then came social. Those who understood engagement figured out that the game had changed, and those who didn’t missed out on opportunities for their brand. And then the iPhone happened, followed shortly by a range of mobile devices people used to consume the web. Throughout the three paradigm shifts, digital marketers scramble to keep up, but one thing has been consistent – unique, useful content ruled the day.

Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, predicts that as content marketing continues to explode in 2013, companies’ marketing department will look very similar to a publishing department. More and more, you will be judged on your ability to continually produce content that provides value outside of pushing your brand’s message. From lead generation and nurturing to traditional online visibility, content will drive growth for most businesses with a digital presence.

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